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We deliver rock solid server-side solutions for businesses worldwide.

You can trust Backend Expert to provide you with unbeatable data security and ensure your servers and services run smoothly even at high loads.

We offer quality solutions at reasonable price; respond to customer queries promptly and attentively.

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Why Backend Expert?

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The team at Backend Expert is built from specialists with the highest levels of professionalism in high load system administration. Over the years, they’ve built a solid track record of successful cases in designing and developing complex server solutions from scratch.

Just imagine how much it would cost to have them on the team: taxes and fees to state agencies, equipping the workplaces, expenses on education and management, and more. At Backend Expert, we offer you expertise and knowledge with no extra fees that you’d have to pay if you had a team of server-side specialists on your team.

Moreover, you don’t risk work getting put on hold because of employee sick leave, vacation, dismissal or resignation. We provide non-stop support and services regardless of organizational changes that occur at our company.

We take full responsibility over your projects, give them the maximum amount of attention, and handle them as if they were ours: 24/7 support that’s always efficient and never ever stops.

What can we offer to your business?

  • Mobile game and app developers – Server architecture design, as well as development of server architecture, analysis systems, and business metrics reporting systems;
  • Startups and small companies – Remote server administration, complex systems for monitoring, data backup and configuration management;
  • IT companies – Server component development of any complexity level, including full documentation support .

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